July-August 2008

Issue #16, July-August 2008

Over 100 pages of ideas, inspiration and insight in Idealog #16, on sale now at good stores everywhere


How To

Want to know what’s special about your brand? Here’s how to innovate from that insight. Plus insight vs fact and five ideas to get more ideas

How To

Lord of the Rings brought Kiwis together. Mothers give Edmonds Cookbook to children leaving home, and Buzzy Bee is a Kiwi birthright. Why are these brands so enduring? The secret is authenticity—a rare realness in a world of global brands. Authentic brands do seven things well

Nigel Stanford tried his hand at music and design but made his fortune on the web, creating social sites and running Trade Me when Sam Morgan left town. Now he’s moving into movies with his own studio. Peter Griffin tracks his strange journey. Plus Trade Me’s fab four and trading places

Brad Bird met Walter Disney’s master animators when he was 11. Now he’s heading a new age of animation at Pixar, but he’s still inspired by the attitude of those old originals: they were never satisfied. Bird shares his lessons on talent, failure and challenging success

Amie Nilsson’s Merino Kids business is growing faster than her own brood. She tells Amanda Cropp about ambition, innovation, sleepless nights and the cut-throat world of design for the under-fives

Colin Murdoch was a true Kiwi hero: the inventor of the disposable syringe, childproof cap and the tranquilliser gun. Like many inventors, he never got the fame and reward he deserved—but he has the undying admiration of Ray Avery


A Canterbury marketer goes back to the farm to brew cordial from the weedy nuisance of elderflowers

The Grill

Steve Maharey says he’ll relish swapping cabinet for the campus as he heads back to run Massey University. But just what can a politician do for a university?

This year’s Semi-Permanent design festival (‘conference’ is too dull a word to describe the gathering of hundreds of designers) is lining up to be the biggest yet. Plus: win Semi-big