Have we got a deal for you! 12 years of Idealog / 12 month subscription / 12 days / $12

Back on Idealog's tenth birthday, we bravely/foolishly offered a $10 subscription deal. On our 11th birthday, we offered an $11 subscription deal. And this year, we're doing it again, offering an annual subscription for just $12. This would normally sting you $32.80, so it will only be another 21 years or so before this tradition becomes commercially viable (we're taking the long view and hope to be killing it when we make it to 100). So don't live a lifetime of regret. Mash your favoured pointing device here and get one for your granny, get heaps for your staff/clients for Christmas or be selfish and get one for yourself. Studies have shown and experts agree* it's the perfect Christmas gift. 

The 12/12/12/$12 deal is only available until 11.59pm, on November 12, 2017. New Zealand delivery only. 

For bulk subscriptions and corporate gifts, email Copies of the soon-to-be-released Innovation Issue can be sent before Christmas along with a bespoke letter for an additional fee**.

*According to The Idea Log

** While stocks last.