Friday Friv: Trumperman, the wisdom of the crowd, creaky doors, the end of Vine and giant love

Five bits of frivolity for a dose of Friday distraction.

'Milk was a bad choice'. 

Behold, the wisdom of the crowd. 

Spooky up your Halloween with WD-40'S creaky door app that will let your trick-or treaters know they’re about to get king punched by a ghost or cut into tiny pieces by a guy with chainsaw hands. Just make sure that they don’t steal your phone.

duck army
Vine by charlie murphy

Though there is speculation that Pornhub might be looking into acquiring Vine because apparently six seconds is long enough, for now it’s a has been. Look through Vine's greatest hits here.​

Speaking of porn, with sex robots and virtual reality orgies, the future looks bright. If you haven’t daydreamed your office hours through all the possibilities, giants are apparently a thing.