Friday Frivolities: Star Wars, Pug Life, a friend that’s turned into a GIF, and more …

Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction

The second teaser trailer for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens just came out today. I’ll just let it do the talking, and you can decide on which level of awesomeness it resides.

The Grim Reaper caught on camera
Suddenly appearing on the security camera will give the fright of a lifetime to some shoppers. The best part is the wink.

What would you do if your friend is a GIF?
It’s an advert for an energy drink, so our only question is: where do we get some of this stuff?

The sweet Pug Life
That awkward moment when you realise a pug’s life is far better than yours.

I really, really, really like you
Lip syncs are starting to become an internet sensation, and YouTubers are trying to out-do each other left, right and center. We think this one’s a pretty good effort, especially as they managed to stuff 23 people into a van.