Social alarm clock app wakes users with the help of a stranger
Wakie, wakie… no really wake up, with the help of a stranger! A social alarm clock app released by American app developer Hrachik Adjamian, is set to help those who constantly press that wicked snooze button and fail to wake up on time.

The free Wakie app works by getting users to set an alarm via the app and then connecting them with other random users via a phone call which could come from over 80 counties around the world in various languages. 

The calls work over Wifi or  mobile networks if Wifi isn't available.  No numbers are shared between users, and as each call is only 60 seconds there’s hardly any space for awkward conversations and goodbyes. 

If there is no one to wake you up then the app reverts to your dull everyday app alarm clock.

Wakie has cultivated a strong international following with 1.5 million users and reports of just over 30 million wake up calls having been made so far.

The app is available for download on Google Play, Windows Phone store and the Apple app store.