Friday Frivolities: Scheming squirrels, crappy pop music, parachuting toasties and more

The Atlantic
Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction.

Squirrel steals GoPro and then films the guy he stole it from

The odd little dance he does at the beginning is just mesmerizing.

Who made pop music so repetitive? You did

An nice little explanation of how the music industry has learned to use data from apps like Spotify and Shazam to predict new hits.

Aussies deliver toasted sandwiches by parachute

Punters pre-order their jaffle via PayPal for $5-$6, then receive a message telling them where their lunch will be dropped. Brilliant.

Reporter gets slammed by flying skateboard

​Huskies copy crawling baby 

And yes, it is just as adorable as it sounds.