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The not-so-spooky Phantom Art Project coalescing throughout Aotearoa

Art for the concrete jungle

The not-so-spooky Phantom Art Project coalescing throughout Aotearoa

For most of us city dwelling folk, Phantom Billstickers’ much-lauded Poetry Project—the poster company’s ongoing mission to have verbal inspiration dotted around unassuming urban settings—has become a familiar and welcome sight. Now, with the Phantom Art Project, the company’s looking to extend the initiative's ethos to showcase the best of local visual talent.

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If ever a business better embodied the phrase ‘two’s company, three’s a crowd’, it would be Dick&Jane;, creative brainchild of Olivia (Jane) Swinn and Paul (Richard) Johnson. With almost 40 years of experience between them, the company was built from a desire to be smaller, faster and braver.

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The New Zealand Drug Foundation believes that the way we currently deal with drugs doesn’t work for Māori and that our criminal justice approach to minor offences causes more harm to those caught up in it than drug use itself. A series of hui was established to discuss the issue with the community most affected, so it created a brand, marketed these events and helped draw some bigger than expected crowds. 

Designing for VR

Virtual reality was one of the biggest tech trends of 2016. But, as with any new medium, storytellers are still experimenting with the technology and attempting to throw off the shackles of previous mediums. So what are the new rules of engagement when it comes to designing experiences for VR? And what does the future hold for those who hope to turn passive observers into active participants in a narrative? Maya Breen immerses herself in the work of Conical’s Alejandro Davila, the creator of the Green Fairy.