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Like most arts organisations, The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is focused on attracting new audiences. For the 2017 campaign, they acknowledged that new audiences weren’t being attracted by the traditional ways of marketing their upcoming season. Insight Creative proposed a new approach to deliver cut-through and to position a night at the NZSO as a viable arts and entertainment experience.


Over the past two weeks, I’ve explored what Social Design is, and why we should be invested in its practice. And last week I talked about my approach to it through the creation of Curative. But Curative is just one approach to Social Design. There are many other ways to be “do-gooder designers.”


Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Director of Studies in Graphic Design at Yale University says, “Designers have to make their own choices… as to how best to contribute to our shared culture. All graphic design is by its nature social, so it is a matter of which kinds of social engagements are most desirable to you.”