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If you were to drive your car across New Zealand, along the way sporadically visiting small towns with populations rarely exceeding 87 people, you’d encounter an assortment of experiences that vary as much as the topographical makeup of our two islands. But no matter how different each of these pitstops might be, one thing that you will almost invariably see wherever you go is Coca-Cola bottle.

Best Design Awards

Exploding books, extraordinary challenges, a clever cafe app, and other cool digi projects. Here's a look at the Interactive Marketing finalists in this year's Best Design Awards.

Idealog + Insight Creative

Like most arts organisations, The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is focused on attracting new audiences. For the 2017 campaign, they acknowledged that new audiences weren’t being attracted by the traditional ways of marketing their upcoming season. Insight Creative proposed a new approach to deliver cut-through and to position a night at the NZSO as a viable arts and entertainment experience.

Product Design

We’re going au naturel with our eye candy of the week. Wood elevates these everyday items into wicked pieces of art.


Who’s the lucky sod who gets to name paint colours?* Eshewing our eternal love of black, Resene's palette for this year's collaboration with Fashion Week is extreme brightness.

Best Design Awards

We as a nation love black. With the announcement of this year's finalists of the Best Design Awards, we realised a recurring theme – how much designers love it too.