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The New Zealand Drug Foundation believes that the way we currently deal with drugs doesn’t work for Māori and that our criminal justice approach to minor offences causes more harm to those caught up in it than drug use itself. A series of hui was established to discuss the issue with the community most affected, so it created a brand, marketed these events and helped draw some bigger than expected crowds. 


Tom and Jerry, bread and butter, Angelina and Brad, pizza and a movie, some things pair together just perfectly. And while Pizza Hut cannot physically bring two Hollywood celebrities to your lounge, they can bring you a projection of them acting as assassins along with a hot, steamy pizza in the form of a transformable pizza box that will turn into a projector for your smart phone.


More than bricks and mortar, tertiary institutions shape the way students learn, how they perceive their experience, and influence the way students relate to their environment. Building a learning space is as much waxing philosophy as it is creating function, and marrying a transport hub with the Manukau Institute of Technology has been an endeavour unlike anything before.


Furniture designer Tim Webber has been on the design scene for over five years, but opening a new retail space alongside artisan pet product company EightPaws is the next step to getting his furniture noticed.