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If there’s one thing (other than Clickhole and Donald Trump) we’re obsessed with here at Idealog, it’s alternative housing. We’ve recently looked at people living on floating homes, people living on floating boats, and people living in a number of (okay, five) other alternatives to either a drafty, $2million 100-year-old villa or a uber-drab $1.5 million townhouse in an any-colour-as-long-as-it’s-grey pop-up suburb. Today’s alternative? Straw houses!


When you think of people living on their boats, you might think of swarthy old seadogs, seekers of adventure, the super-rich (or, more accurately, the staff of the super rich) and maybe recent divorcees. App developer Anthony Gardiner is none of the above. But he reckons he's managed to hack the Auckland housing crisis by living on his tiny, painstakingly renovated, heritage listed boat in Westhaven Marina in the middle of Auckland.

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With New Zealand tourism experiencing rampant growth, constraints are rapidly appearing because of accommodation pressures in key destinations. New hotel investment is becoming critical and, given the scale of that investment, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise took the business case to major offshore funding sources with marketing support from Insight Creative.

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It all started over a cup of tea. Peter Lorimer, owner/ knife maker at Lorimer Hand Made Knives, was sharing his frustration over the price of a quality knife with his blacksmith neighbour and engineer friend. The proposed solution was for Lorimer to make own, though he admits he didn’t actually know what a good knife looked like.


As I write this, Auckland police are clearing the Harbour Bridge, by force, of TPP protesters. Cook Street, Wellington Street and Hobson Street still remain in protester control however, with police recommending commuters and shoppers stay away from the central city for now. Meanwhile, over at Sky City Convention Centre, the TPP agreement is practically a done deal with 12 countries having signed on the dotted line over an hour ago.

We’ve all been there. You take your Segway out for a hoon in the desert, try to take a selfie and plummet into a ravine, breaking both your legs and rupturing your spleen. The vultures are circling, awaiting your last breath. And then you inevitably have to drink your own urine in an effort to survive the night because your water has run out. Well, Fontus, a seemingly magical self-filling water bottle that harvests moisture from the air, is here to save the day (in harrowing situations like this, during more normal outdoor activities and also in the developing world).