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Architecture and design are reaching new heights with the development of visualisation technology, making concepts all the more real.

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The New Zealand Drug Foundation believes that the way we currently deal with drugs doesn’t work for Māori and that our criminal justice approach to minor offences causes more harm to those caught up in it than drug use itself. A series of hui was established to discuss the issue with the community most affected, so it created a brand, marketed these events and helped draw some bigger than expected crowds. 


In 2000, Lisa Hamilton-Gibbs started a business by door-knocking retailers armed with her homemade range of 40 cards. Nearly 16 years on, her business – icandy – is almost unrecognisable. Since establishing her brand, Hamilton-Gibbs has expanded her product range to include more paper-based items.


When we think of luck, we often associate it with things like winning the lottery or finding a four-leaf clover. They’re unlikely happenstances that have a 1-in-a-million chance of actually happening and are completely out of our control. However, what if I was to tell you that it is possible to learn to be luckier?


When the UK voted in favour of leaving the EU the future of Britain became alarmingly uncertain. How will Britain take its exit and will Brits still be holidaying in Spain? Although it will take several years to understand the true impact of Brexit, for now we have colourful infographics to create meaning in this madness.


There are sirens ringing in the ears of the British. A shock wave of opinion is sweeping the usually steadfast nation in the wake of the Brexit, but an old mantra is at the ready to calm a nation.