Design agency we love: Milk

It’s easy to be jaded when it comes to branding. After all, what’s so noble about hawking consumer items at punters? Usually not much.

But sometimes an agency comes along that does it so well, we feel obliged to give credit where credit is due.

Enter Milk – the design agency responsible for high impact campaigns from AUT, Semi-Permanent, Annabel Langbein, Air New Zealand and Lion Nathan – and their pretty amazing work with Hoyts New Zealand.

Hoyts, as a cinema-based ice cream retailer, was looking to position it’s ice-cream offering in a way that challenged international heavy-hitters Ben and Jerrys and the UK’s Icecreamists.

Milk’s research found that “no single brand in any category had claimed the idea of definitive largesse – a position celebrating excess and hedonism without apology.”

So they set about imagining ‘Filthy Rich’, a brand with “potential cult status”, “lavish and opulent, self-deprecating, engaging and refreshingly honest about greed and indulgence”. 

Okay, that's all a but PR-ish, but boy, the results are something.  

That's how it's done.