Scattershot brings Christchurch artists together

Scattershot brings Christchurch artists together

Artists Michaela Cox, Rebecca Harris, Julia Holden and Tracy Porteous have put together a group exhibition that brings together the works of several Christchurch artists. 

Scattershot will open at Holden’s studio in Redcliffs on 3 August and will feature small works of local artists. “The aftermath of the earthquake has been positive in some respects for artists,” says Harris. “It’s shaken up the status quo to the extent that it now doesn’t seem in any way odd to have a group show of established and emerging artists at unusual and interesting venues.”

According to Harris, one of the purposes of the exhibition is to help artists living and working in Christchurch, “which also helped narrow the invitation process”.

The majority of the artists are graduates of Ilam university, and there is a self-taught artist and also graduates from other art faculties in the mix.

The Redcliffs space, on 95 Main Road, is an old shop front with backrooms, where the small works will be hung in clusters, salon style. The show will run until 18 August, Wednesday to Sunday between 10am and 4pm.