Material matters for objects of design

Material matters for objects of design

Objects created from natural materials by second-year product design students at AUT will be on display until August 3 at BLOC design store. 

The pieces were created from materials such as American ash, Fijian kauri, pewter, glass and spun copper, but with the intention of disrupting their traditional form and exploring the boundaries of their use in product design.

The results are a range of beautiful objects, including a rocking wooden timer, metal periscopes that resemble Swiss cheese and a washing line with oversized wooden pegs. 

The students were mentored by Rebecca Dowie from Douglas and Bec for seven weeks. Dowie says: "Good design is not about complacency or competency. It is about going against the grain, pushing a concept beyond the bounds of reality. The beautiful and deceptively simple pieces in this exhibition are the result of imagination, experimentation and determination."

Shane Inder, senior lecturer at AUT’s Department of Industrial Design and Innovation, said the intention of the exercise was to emphasise the importance of natural materials in product design. 

"Natural materials tend to appeal to people on an emotional level. There is often a stronger perception of value in the handmade."