Calling all Moleskine fanboys and girls

Calling all Moleskine fanboys and girls

A Kickstarter campaign is currently seeking backers to create MOLEHOUSE frames – an elegant solution for artists to display the contents of their Moleskine notebooks.

Creator of the MOLEHOUSE frame Colton Corry hopes to rescue sketchbooks from dusty shelves and boxes under the bed so that artists and designers can display their workings as easily as their final prints.

The frames are made from a steel encasement and solid wooden frame, which slide together perfectly to house a Moleskine notebook in pocket or classic size. They are suitable for tabletop or wall display.

Funders who pledge US$65 or more will secure themselves a MOLEHOUSE frame reward. The project currently has almost $4,000 in funding of its $40,000 goal with three weeks to go.

Find out more about the project on Kickstarter and in Corry’s campaign video below: