Display prints with a designer's helping hands

Display prints with a designer's helping hands

New product Handvas is another win for 3D printing and an innovative solution to showcasing art prints.

Founded by Sydney-based advertising creative Nadia Ahmad, Handvas is a creative approach to mounting prints, based on how a designer might present their work for appraisal. The hands are 3D-printed from polyamide, and can present prints between 2mm and 4mm in depth.

“My mission was to create a piece of modern design that showcased the artwork the same way the designer would,” says Ahmad.​

Ahmad worked with industrial designers Eric Siu and Andrew Simpson from product design agency Vert Design to create the product.

“Nadia came to us with such a fun and playful concept that we fully embraced the idea. We begun by creating an articulated model of a human hand which was then digitally manipulated until we were happy with the clamp of the fingers and wrists ... To produce the final outcome we 3D printed the models to ensure all of the detail would be retained.” 

Handvas cost AU$360 for a large set or AU$180 for a small set, and can be bought from the Handvas website.

The artworks on display are by artist Luca Ionescu.