Gadget review: the Dyson stick vacuum

Gadget review: the Dyson stick vacuum

The good folks at Dyson and Joe Public Relations sent me a vacuum cleaner last week. 

I reckon they heard about how much I hate vacuuming and wanted to encourage me in my endeavours to be a cleaner human being. Or my flatmate put them up to it. Or someone thinks I'm a witch and I need to upgrade my broomstick. (If you were going to upgrade your broomstick, this puppy would be the vacuum stick of choice, let me tell you.)

Anyway it's called the Dyson Digital Slim and it promises 15 minutes of continuous suction in a cordless fashion. It has carbon fibre bits and a velour bumper for the careless vacuumer in everyone's household. (I could go on, but you can read the specs here.)

I love the written word but sometimes things just call for a video. So I made one for you, so you too can share in the hoover joy. Incidentally, nobody asked me to review it, I just thought it was too nifty not to. So disclaimers aplenty and I'll just insert a couple of #ad hashtags here just to keep the masses happy: #ad #ad #ad #ad #ad, there, that should do it.