Sleek sophistication on the menu at Paris' Blind Bar

A whiff of worldly inspiration comes to us this week from a luxurious cocktail bar that's just opened in Paris at the Table du Huit restaurant.

The sumptuous concept Blind Bar boasts (fittingly) a signature cocktail that's black as ink, and comes in a matching black glass.

Designer Philippe Di Meo, who has previously worked with the likes of Moeey, Chandon, and Dom Perignon, says: "My idea was to compose an intriguing black bar, which would reflect the feeling of the mysterious Cigar Bar’s smoking room with its dark stained wood ...

"The elegant bottles with their different shaped silhouettes emerge from the dark shadows to intrigue and provide delicious anticipation. Clients play the blind test and try to recognise their favorite bottles purely by their shape. The mystery continues with the cocktails being discreetly prepared and part of the game is to guess the subtly infused ingredients."