Win! Maori alphabet blocks!

Win! Maori alphabet blocks!

win maori alphabet blocksThese stunning Maori alphabet blocks feature in our brand new issue, out this week, and whaddya know – we have a set to give away to one loyal reader. Call it an early Christmas gift.

The printed wooden blocks feature the Te Reo alphabet, alongside traditional carving patterns and figures from six iwi around the country, and are the result of a partnership between Maori graphic designer Johnson Witehira and US company Uncle Goose.

“I wanted to use my design skills to bring Maori art and design back into Maori homes because you know, so many of us have little or no connection to our marae. When I was growing up, there was nothing visual in our house that said we were Maori,” designer Witehira says.

“I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome if this wasn’t just alphabet blocks, but if I could add figures as a way of making children familiar with Maori carving at a young age. I wanted them not only to be alphabet tools, but tools for children to become familiar with Maori culture.”

Get yourself in the draw for a pack of 24 embossed blocks (suitable for ages 2 and up, according to the box) – leave a comment below and tell us why you absolutely desire, no, need it. Closes December 18, open to NZ residents only. They retail for $90 and can be purchased here.