All hail Te Papa's giant gingerbread house

All hail Te Papa's giant gingerbread house

Last week a giant gingerbread house was erected at Te Papa, the handiwork of executive chef Bernd Lippmann and a team of bakers – and if you're keen to head along for a gawk, it's on display until January 6.

te papa giant gingerbread house

Executive chef Bernd Lippmann and the Gingerbread House. PHOTO: Te Papa.

The 1.8 metre tall gingerbread house is made entirely of edible materials – 20,000 grams of lollies and almost 50,000 grams of icing. 

Baking and drying time took approximately 180 hours, using 296,000gms of flour – that’s almost 2000 times the amount of a standard batch of cookies.

Other fun facts: it took 4440 grams of ground ginger, 2220 grams of mixed spice, 2220 grams of cinnamon, 15 litres of milk, 74 litres of water and 44,400gms of butter.

Visitors to Te Papa can also purchase a gingerbread house kit and make a smaller version at home (pictured below).  There are 300 kits available, selling for $40, and all proceeds will go to Wellington Hospitals and Health Foundation, the official charity of the Wellington Children’s Hospital.
te papa gingerbread house kit