Shane Hansen taps into the Essenze of design

Local artist Shane Hansen has applied his inimitable style to a range of designer rugs for design store Essenze.

In conjunction with manufacturer CRONZ (Carpets and Rugs of New Zealand), Hansen experimented with new tufting styles and bold colours, as well as adding some flair to a BMW 1 series convertible to mark the occasion.

"I like the attitude they exude and the devotion to perfection. I see them as the ultimate waka!”

Hansen started his own label at the age of 19, then went on to work for labels such as Canterbury International. He works in mediums including wood, glass, and metal, and has featured in Idealog in print and onlinebefore.

The exhibition is now on at Essenze's flagship store in Parnell.

Shane Hansen-CRONZ collaboration with BMW Shane Hansen-CRONZ collaboration Shane Hansen-CRONZ collaboration