Confined living in your own little cocoon

Confined living in your own little cocoon

Thanks to the latest innovation in Swiss furniture design, you can quite literally live within your own little bubble.

The Cocoon 1 is a self-contained sphere that caters to various functions – sleeping, storage, cooking – through different modules. Completely transparent, measuring 180cm in diameter, it weighs 97 kg (when empty) or 135kg (with standard modules). The maximum load it can take is 250kg.

A net also turns the Cocoon into a kind of hammock outdoors, while the Foundation Pb (a lead weight built into the standard foundation) is another add-on that keeps it straight while floating on water.

But why?

It's a research project, apparently, by Micasa Lab, in the quest to create new kinds of spaces.

"It is a new type of furniture that transcends the border between object and space and challenges how we perceive furniture," according to the website. "It is spacious enough to create a room, but not so large that it will not fit into one."