A quick word with ... Rockin' Jelly Bean

rockin jelly bean we can create 2012

PHOTO: Mathew Alexander

The polarising Japanese artist known as Rockin' Jelly Bean opens up to Idealog.

My first job was... Filling bento boxes at a Japanese restaurant.

And now the title of my business card is... Designer.

Which really means... Masked artist.

My day starts with... Trying to find where my cat is.

And ends with... Drinking until I pass out.

And in between, I... Go to friends’ gigs.

My first artistic memory is... [of reading] Devilman [famous Japanese manga comic series].

If I wasn't doing this, I'd be a... Strip club manager. And I would always remind the girls to use condoms before they leave work for the day.

I'm inspired by... Other artists who depict the female form in all of its beauty.

I can't live without... Females, without them there would be no creative inspiration in the world.

True style is... To follow your heart and be true to your emotions. Drawing on the heritage of your cultural tradition.

My work in three words is... Sex, rock and beauty.