Dyson's cool designs

Innovative designs from Dyson will look smart and keep their fans cool this summer. And it might cost a fair whack, but it's cheaper than a new finger.

In a complete reinvention of this summer stalwart, the British manufacturing giant used a mixed flow impeller on their latest fans, rather than the traditional designs with blades.

It works by drawing air through a mixed flow impeller, using technology found in jet engines, then air is released through an aperture in the fan’s loop.

This creates a jet of air, which passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp, while surrounding air is drawn into the airflow, channeling its direction and amplifying its volume at least 16 times.

No blades also mean the wandering hands of curious kids don’t face the wrath of the high speed fan.

Unlike a conventional top-heavy fan, this model has the motor at it’s base – meaning the fan is more steady and, again, less of a weapon-in-disguise.

As with all high fashion, beauty and smarts have a price, but with desktop models starting at $449 – it’s a lot cheaper than a new finger.