Business class travel – it's serious business

Personal space is a bit of an oxymoron in the air, but Lufthansa's new business class seats bring passengers both closer together and further apart.

In a drive to introduce a fully flat bed, design studio PearsonLloyd shaped the seats like a V, placing flyers in a configuration that has their feet pointing in towards each other but positioning their heads and torsos at a greater distance.

Angling the seats this way was the result of a decision to keep all passengers facing in the same direction, Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd told Fast Company. 

After five years in development, the seats have finally been introduced into cabins.

When people lie down down on the nearly 6.5 feet-long beds, their heads are partitioned off by their consoles. The shape of the head/shoulder compartment was honed to cater for a range of sizes, and the chair also boasts a massage function.