Silver sheen for Alt Group's Social Kitchen

Alt Group has taken away a silver from the 2012 Clio Awards in New York for its work on Fisher & Paykel's Social Kitchen at last year's Urbis Designday.

The Social Kitchen project was entered in the environmental design section and consisted of a pop-up installation at Britomart created in collaboration with chefs Natalia Schamroth and Carl Koppenhagen of the Engine Room, furniture designer Sam Haughton of IMO and the Fisher & Paykel team.

Featuring two kitchen displays within a modified shipping container, a one-off custom table seating 50 people under a 'blow up' cube, and a series of classic New Zealand dishes reinvented, the Social Kitchen was designed to showcase the best in New Zealand appliance engineering and design and demonstrate the evolving role of the kitchen as the social hub in people’s everyday lives. 

It saw Alt Group design everything from wait staff uniforms, custom designed serving platters, a menu presented on t-shirts and a newspaper and video documenting the design process of each contributor from ideation to delivery.

The annual Clio Awards reward the best of advertising, design and communications in package design, print, radio and television.