An exercise in filmmaking democracy

An exercise in filmmaking democracy

Crowdsourcing and collaboration is where it's at these days, and taking it to the level of creating film projects is nothing new. There was  Life in a Day, One Day on Earth, Star Wars Uncut, and manymore currently on the go.

Closer to home, a group of Melbourne indie filmmakers is developing a sci-fi/fantasy series to be released in 2013.

But will it be a case of  democracy winning, or too many cooks?

Whether the style of the first Film by Democracy production will be time travel, mythical, post-apocalypse, super-hero, paranormal or other is being voted on right now.

Story, characters, title, cast and soundtrack will also literally be determined as they go via votes, surveys, discussions and creative submissions.

They're also looking for writers, actors, directors, editors, musicians and anyone with skills to help make it a success.

What is certain: it will be an 8-12 episode series with the working title, Project A.

They aim to have started shooting by August and when completed, the series will be available to watch for free online.