Britomart walls take flight with help from Flox

Britomart walls take flight with help from Flox

Hayley King, perhaps better known as Flox, has flexed her creative muscle on everything from wine labels to corporate Christmas gifts.

If you happen to be in Auckland, you might have noticed her artistic touch down at the Britomart car park, too.

If not, then feast your eyes on these positively delightful murals starring some of our native birds below.

It was a major commission for Flox – 16 murals with two on each level – her biggest endeavor to date, all completed solo.

Her work blurs the lines between gallery art and commercial work, she says, and is largely based on stencilling, which gives her art a distinctive appearance.

Spray paint allows her to cover large areas quickly and in vibrant colour, and a final stencilling stage enables her to complete the finishing touches and defining line details.