The smart house of the future

The smart house of the future

Imagine a totally digitised house, creating a parallel home on the web. Everything in the house can be used to communicate; the interface is ubiquitous, controlling physical appliances and apps alike.

This is a lofty dream Openarch is working to make a reality. Openarch is a prototype of a smart home designed from scratch to incorporate a digital layer connecting the house and its elements to the web.

It's conceived as part of a much larger vision of a smart city, where information flows seamlessly.

Sensors and cameras display projections of anything from weather forecasts to social network streams. Device can be managed and switched on and off from anywhere in the world, controlled by any device connected to the internet.

Not only is the digital aspect flexible, so is the physical. Partitions are moveable, and can be shifted to adapt as needed, and the house would connect to the others in one big data-rich digital neighbouhood.