A quick word with ... Richard Miles

A quick word with ... Richard Miles

Richard Miles doesn't like wanky business titles but has a weakness for whitebait and TradeMe.

Richard Miles

My first job was ... filling the fizzy fridge at the Gipps Street Dairy.

And now the title on my business card is ... there is no title. A business this size doesn’t need titles.

Which really means ... I hate wanky titles.

My day starts with ... a run of recent times (New Year’s resolution!)

And ends with ... a tinker on TradeMe on the iPad in bed.

And in between, I ... receive approximately 100 emails, take and make 19 phone calls and hopefully sell heaps of rags.

My first artistic memory is ... making pom poms at my grandparents' place with my sisters.

 If I wasn't doing this, I'd ... be a chef or a whitebaiter.

I'm inspired by ... hard-working entrepreneurs who make ideas come alive.

I can't live without ... being around family and good bastards.

True 'style' is ... natural and not forced or purchased.

My work in three words is ... fan bloody tastic.

Richard Miles is the co-founder of 3 Wise Men.