Copper and craft collide in Ketel One's London bar

Dutch vodka brand Ketel One has established its first permanent dedicated bar in London, designed by Jenner Studio's Christopher Jenner.

The form and structure of the bar are heavily influenced by the ancient copper distillery vats used in Holland, while the space itself – a triangle with a concave panelled wall and glass walls on two sides – proved an interesting architectural challenge.

Jenner looked to capture the relationship between the craft of vodka making and that of a master metal craftsman. Central to the final aesthetic is the link to craftsmanship, both in relation to vodka making and a central design principle.

Vertical copper strips were heated individually then applied to a wood and metal skeleton, then riveted to the internal structure and fused with an overlapping copper sheet. Over 1000 kg of copper and 10,000 rivets were used in the structure with two craftsmen working over a six-week period.

"To beat the challenge we employed a five-metre swoosh which wraps the back wall facilitating the convex shape to the left and an integrated three-metre hammered concave shape to accommodate the stools and service area."

Each of the stools is also connected to the floor on rotators, allowing 360-degree movement.