From high-flying furniture to funky storage solution

From high-flying furniture to funky storage solution

You've probably never given a second thought to the humble airline trolley, the wheeled mini-bars seen only on jets.

Guided by friendly flight attendants, they were invented to help pass the time on flights and provide passengers with refreshments.

But a young German brand has emerged that's taking these robust and functional trolleys from the sky and, with a dash of entrepreneurial down-to-earthness and a knack for design, restyling them for apartments and offices.

Once given the Skypak treatment, they're reborn as gorgeously functional storage spaces – a coffee bar, cocktail bar, office furniture, shoe cabinet, or a piece of lounge furniture.

Skypak refines the trolleys by hand. Those who like it eccentric can order versions with 24-carat gold leaf or 82,000 Swarovski crystals.

“Our goal is to combine design and functionality. Our close collaboration with the designers generates a creative space for a constant stream of new ideas,” says Peter Jorge Fischer.