Here, fishy fishy...

A modern take on the standard fishbowl? A hand-blown glass sculpture with mountains included for artistic effect.

Designed by New-York based Aruliden and produced by Gaia & Gino., the bowl is capable of holding 9.5 litres of water. Plus the see-through glass means there’s no way for Marlin to lose Nemo.

“We often like to look out how we can create new icons from familiar items in our everyday lives – objects that have focused too much on function and not enough on form," Aruliden’s John Liden told Co.Design.

“The classic fishbowl served its purpose in its form but was not very desirable on its own.”

This US$140 USD sculpture may be more for the benefit of the homeowner than the fish but owners should bear in mind that the aesthetic effect may well be ruined by the required water-filter attachment, fish food and cleaning snails.