A peek inside Auckland Airport's new Emperor lounge

Stephenson & Turner Architects is behind Auckland Airport's new Emperor lounge.

Airport luxury has traditionally come hand in hand with steep membership fees. But Auckland Airport’s new Emperor lounge is welcoming all international travellers regardless of their airline – passengers who don’t have an airline lounge membership but are after a premium lounge facility.

Stephenson & Turner Architects was the mastermind behind the design, and also drove the airport's Pier B expansion and redesign of the international departures/arrivals area.

At a charge of $49, the Emperor offers the chance to fit in a shower, surf the web or simply relax before a flight, with snacks including halal meals available and complimentary drinks.

The lounge is also used by international airlines that don’t have a dedicated on-site lounge but who want to offer the service to their business class passengers, including Malaysia Airlines.

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