Alt’s tasty Christmas gift goes platinum

“Warning – may contain traces of nuts”.

Auckland multidisciplinary design company, Alt Group, says this was the inspiration behind its multi-award winning Christmas gift to clients, a chocolate computer keyboard, which has now picked up a platinum award at the Graphis 100 Best in Design 2012 awards.

Last year Alt also scooped an In-House nod in Australia's CREATIVE magazine Hotshop Awards for the idea.

Alt honchos say there were a couple of reasons why they went with the concept.

One was the visual similarity of a block of chocolate to a keyboard. Another was, well, the sheer joy and delight this would bring recipients.

The product also served to highlight the origins behind Alt’s name, inspired by the key of the same name.

“We thought it was time to bring attention to that idea in a subtle way," said managing director, Ben Corban.

It was one of only nine international designs to be awarded platinum; Alt also won two golds for the Auckland Museum LATE Neons and for its Print Counsel postcards and the Auckland Museum LATE posters were selected for the Graphis Poster Annual for 2012.