Versatile vinyl: Decor for the discerning

Perhaps you're a renter constrained by plain white walls and a strict lease, or a keen (re)decorator easily bored.

Whatever your motivation, adhesive wall graphics are a nifty way to add a personal touch to a room without causing any long-term damage to walls or other surfaces.

New Zealand design company The Vinyl Room has launched a new range of wall graphics printed on reusable fabric which can be repositioned hundreds of times; the material can be scrunched up, smoothed out and even washed before being reapplied again wherever you want. It will not rip, wrinkle, shrink or curl and can be used to decorate any indoor surface.

The fabric is a polyester weave with a water-based adhesive (biodegradable, nontoxic and PVC free). Much like a sticker, the vinyl is applied with a peel and stick motion. Each decal has a slight texture to it, depending on the pattern chosen.

All of The Vinyl Room’s graphics are designed and made in New Zealand. They are printed in 100 percent eco-ink.