A quick word with ... architect Tim Melville

From puppet-making and cleaning machinery, Tim Melville has come a long way.

Tim MelvilleMy first job was ... cleaning machinery in a textile factory.

And now the title on my business card is .... Principal at Warren and Mahoney Architects, Auckland

Which really means ... I’m a manager, facilitator, resource planner, design critic, technical reviewer, risk assessor, client servicer, marketer, strategist....

My day starts with .... a one hour walk before breakfast

And ends with .... a bit of reading if I can keep my eyes open long enough

And in between, I .... work with our team to ensure we provide the best possible design solutions for our clients

My first artistic memory is .... building a hand puppet theatre out of a huge cardboard box and putting on a puppet show

If I wasn't doing this, I'd .... probably be a software developer (in the real world), or singer in a rock band (in my dreams!)

I'm inspired by .... people who spend their lives helping other people

I can't live without .... music

True 'style' is .... an Aston Martin DBS

My work in three words is .... facilitation, collaboration, communication

Tim Melville is principal architect at Warren and Mahoney Architects