Qubic breaks with packaging tradition

Newmarket's Qubic Store is embracing the ‘recycle and reuse’ philosophy, fitting out its space with a range of everyday materials that have been reused in new ways.

Designed by Casey Ng, the store has a quirky feel. The approach to ‘reusing’ reminds consumers that even the simple things seen in a fresh way can be objects of delight.

The packaging at Qubic takes its inspiration in part from the Japanese tradition of gift wrapping, where the elegance, simplicity and sheer artistry of the packaging provides the recipient with an experience at least equal to that of the gift itself.

The shopping bags use only environmentally-friendly materials – recycled cardboard, water-based inks and 3M’s re-pulpable adhesive tape, all of which can be safely included in household recycling. This system provides a uniquely flexible approach to packaging: they're biodegradable, completely graphically adaptable and rule out the need to purchase a variety of different sized-bags. An extra bonus is that they are super cool.

Qubic was founded on 07/07/07 in an effort to try and re-define the traditional notion of retail in New Zealand as an independent boutique unprecedented in size and scope at the time, featuring curated finds from all over the world.