Google's London office gets a zany Tron-esque refit

Google's London office gets a zany Tron-esque refit

Google has long been famed for its employee perks – from free food and haircuts to valet service – and futuristic offices. And its London offices now resemble a space station thanks to a recent refurbishment.

Bold colours and smooth curves are the hallmark of the sci-fi-themed breakout areas, and there's also a recording studio and indoor park complete with rowing boat. As you were.

“We hire the brightest and best engineers in the UK and put them together in a highly creative, relaxed and exciting environment,” says Nelson Mattos, VP of product and engineering. “We don’t see these perks as distractions. They’re a fundamental part of the innovation process here.”

The refit was the brainchild of Henrique Penha, lead designer for Android, who worked on the designs before briefing architects at Penson Group to complete the building.