Fresh website for NZ’s digital artist network

Kiwis interested in all things digitally creative have a new resource to tap in the form of the new Aotearoa Digital Arts (ADA) Network website.

Established in 2003, the ADA is New Zealand's national research network for critical discussion and presentation of digital and media arts. It includes artists, curators, critics and educators, enabling communication and research in the expanded field of media, new media, electronic and digital art.

The new site highlights the range of projects undertaken by the ADA network, making the work of artists associated with ADA available online.

Bringing together artworks, discussion and documentation, the new site extends ADA’s reach beyond the community who meet through the network’s events and email list.

One of the network's aims is to improve public understanding of digital art through publications and exhibitions, touring speakers, master classes and symposia, chronicled on the Symposium page. Meanwhile, exploring the artbase showcases the scope of artworks created by members.

Key themes, issues in digital and media arts, reviews and reflection can also be researched through the library.