What does the global human rights logo look like?

The answer to that question remains elusive, but that ‘s the whole point behind what is being called the “greatest creativity challenge in history”. 

As part of the competition, creatives from all over the world are being invited to create and submit what they think the international symbol of human rights should look like. There’s cash prizes up for grabs and of course, should the logo take off, your work will be emblazoned on the minds of the global public. 

“At present there is no internationally recognized symbol for human rights,” says the competiotn website. “The ‘Logo for Human Rights’ initiative wants to change that! Logos win people over through their symbolic power, distinctiveness, clarity and universal applicability. The initiative was established out of conviction that a human rights logo will make a peaceful contribution towards the global spread and implementation of human rights.”

To check out the entries so far (there’s hundreds), and to perhaps submit your own design, visit the humanrightslogo website. In the meantime, here’s a few we’ve picked out.