Ch-ch-ch changes at Design Daily

Idealog's Design Daily just turned one year old—hoorah. In the last year we’ve grown to over 3000 subscribers and posted, as you know, quite a few stories (720 to be exact). So clearly it’s time for a change. Next week we’ll be relaunching Idealog’s main website, and Design Daily will be one of the star attractions—one of six new ‘channels’ in the Idealog portfolio. This will be matched by a permanent design department in Idealog magazine.

So what does it mean for you? Not too much really. Aside from the name change to Idealog Design Daily and a slightly different layout, you’ll still receive your daily dose of design news on the website, and of course the weekly newsletter. You don’t even have to worry about a change in URL.

See you next week at Idealog Design Daily.