Art in the laundry

Art in the laundry

Fun as it may be to watch laundry do the turns at the laundromat, one community-based public project is making the most out the cleaning activity by providing public arts education and programming opportunities to benefit lower income communities in the Greater New York area, all in the space of the laundry cycle. As part of the initiative, called The Laundromat Project, a group of artists set up shop at different laundromats daily and teach creative skills in areas like sidewalk art, painting, and screen printing to people.

“Understanding that creativity is a central component of healthy human beings, vibrant neighborhoods, and thriving economies, we bring art programs to where our neighbors already are: the local laundromat. In this way, we aim to raise the quality of life in New York City for people whose incomes do not guarantee broad access to mainstream arts and cultural facilities,” say the folks behind The Laundromat Project.

A cool initiative. Check it out in this video.

The Laundromat Project