A rosy idea

A rosy idea

Anna Walker, an employee at design and advertising agency Strategy, has come up with a rosy initiative involving New Zealand’s design community.  Called 'Roses for Christchurch', Walker’s initiative invites Kiwi designers to show their support and thoughts for CHCH by developing their own version of a rose For Christchurch. 

So far a number of designers have contributed designs, including Tana Mitchell, Bevan Tonks, Brogen Averill, Joanna Alpe, Phil Dunstan-Brown, Sarah Laing, Leonie Whyte and Zoe Ikin. 

The designs are shared on the Roses for Christchurch Facebook page and visitors to the page are encouraged to use and share their choice of rose and in return make a donation to the Red Cross. 

“The quickest way to get this shared was with a Facebook page but who knows where the initiative may head in the coming weeks as more creatives come on board and the word spreads,” says Walker.

Story updated 2 March.

Roses for Christchurch by graphic designer Bevan Tonks

Roses for Christchurch by graphic designer Leonie Whyte