Colouring Auckland retail spaces

Colouring Auckland retail spaces

Auckland’s inner city retail spaces are set to receive a floral lift as part of the upcoming Auckland Arts Festival. As part of the festival, the Suburban Floral Association will work in Auckland’s inner city shopping area to bring floral blooms into a recession hit inner city shopping area, in a project called ‘Shopfront’. The project is the first venture into Auckland for Wellington Public art programme Letting Space. 

“A high vacancy rate in the retail sector has created many opportunities for artists,” says Letting Space curator Sophie Jerram. “The Suburban Floral Association’s work is perfectly positioned to bring new life into a monocultural retail environment.” 

Shopfront is an alternative gardening project that will change regularly– as cinema, gallery, seminar space, front yard and living room - a space where relationships between flowers and people will also change. 

The project recalls the floral events of festivals of the 1960s and 70s when the influence of Agricultural and Pastoral Shows and Country Women Institute events were strong. 

The Suburban Floral Association is a collaborative effort between Auckland artists Monique Redmond, programme leader of AUT’s Visual Arts at the School of Art and Design, and Tanya Eccleston, an artist, writer and teacher. 

The project will take place between March 8 to 19.