CES goes Gaga over tablets

CES,  the geek equivalent of a Roman orgy, is on once again. And this is the year of the tablet, or the year that everyone else caught up to Apple, with the notable exception of Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, who instead talked mostly about Windows 7 and adaptations to Kinnect. 

Our pick of the tablets is the Blackberry Playbook, a fast, sleek and powerful gadget that we predict to the be choice of the straight-up-and-down business executive (the kind of stuffed shirt who still chooses a Blackberry  over an iPhone). Stuffy or not this device is cool and despite much hype, seems to live up to the expectations as demonstrated by the nerds at Engadget and Gizmodo.

Also on display:

A PS3 gun thing, Nike watch and body activity recorder, Lady Gaga sunglasses, complete with internal video screens and incredibly cool induction charging technology inside a Tesla electric car (for charging and transmitting electricity wirelessless. Check out the video of a induction powered cereal packet . No seriously.