WIN an awesome interactive artwork for some offbeat Photoshop action

A bit of tinkering can lead to some pretty awesome creations, as the Magma series of interactive artworks by designer and artist Turi Park illustrate (read the story HERE). 

Comprised of a powdercoated steel canvas and magnetic coloured shapes, the artwork range encourages would-be artists to tap into their own creativity by moving the shapes into any configuration they choose, stripping art back to its most basic ingredients; colour, shape, texture and the innate creative thrill at the core of being human. 

And now, thanks to the generous Magma crew, we’re giving you the chance to win a Magma for yourself, valued at $490—how cool a prize is that?! 

How to win 

It’s easy—just share with us the best Photoshopped picture you’ve seen (post a comment about why you like it, along with a link to the pic). Oh, and don’t forget to tell us which Magma you’d like to win (select your Magma by clicking HERE). 

To start you off, here’s a few goodies below.