Pike River tribute by paint

Pike River tribute by paint

Take a look at this painting by Christchurch artist Lisa Wisse, paying tribute to the 29 Pike River coal miners. The painting has been handed over to Grey district mayor Tony Kokshoorn as a homage to the miners and those affected by the Pike river mining disaster.  

In a note to the miner’s families, Wisse wrote: “I have used the symbolic form of a strong, weathered mature tree, silhouetted against the early dawn light to represent your strong fathers, sons and husbands who left early to work deep in the earth on November 19.”

The painting features 29 words mentioned by the Pike River chief executive and the mayor to remember, which Wisse says give strength and solace to families and the nation.

The 29 words are: miners, confusion, terror, pain, bravery, families, sons, brothers, fathers, husbands, anger, frustration, fighters, strength, tears, heartbreak, grief, vigil, sorrow, prayers, stoic, friends, tragedy, solidarity, heartwarming, future, love, resilience, memories.