Multidisciplinary design competition on the hunt for your resilient ideas

Reckon you’ve got a few creative and intelligent ideas floating around about how to best design more resilient communities? As part of a new competition, the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering is on the lookout for proposals that will increase the resilience of cities and communities affected by earthquakes and tsunamis, with a focus on aiding recovery and social regeneration to affected areas.

The competition is open to practitioners and students of all design disciplines, including architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning; and all associated engineering and sociological disciplines. Multidisciplinary entries are welcome, and entries are accepted internationally.

Entrants are encouraged to choose a city or community familiar to them, anywhere on the Pacific Rim, and to design a proposal that utilises preplanning and/or post-disaster response and reconstruction methodologies to reduce the long term impact of an earthquake event on the built environment and social fabric.

Registrations are open now and run through until April 8 2011. 

And, should your entry impress the judges, you could nab a first prize of $2000. 

Find out more HERE.