Bright (s)park of an idea

Bright (s)park of an idea

This coming Friday Auckland’s Western Park is set to light up with creative ideas as part of the inaugural Art in the Dark event, aimed at exploring and exploding the ideas of ‘Community, Environment and Utopias.’ 

The two-day event will transform the park into a temporary community hub, illuminated by installations, projected short films and performances along a walk throughout the park. The challenge has been put forth for artists from all disciplines to develop projects that will illuminate the park and explore the implications of mobility, night, sky and light, all while being as interactive as possible.

“Through Art in the Dark's focus on interactivity, we hope to encourage visitors to actively participate in the event, and encourage community spirit,” says the website. 

The entire event is eco-friendly, and all projects will be powered by clean energy, with minimal waste. Art in the Dark aims to develop new forms of sustainable practices within the community with a view to inspiring other events and businesses to follow suit.  

If you’re planning on heading along, be sure to bring a torch as some of the artists requite you to be a light source. 

To further illuminate yourself on the event, click HERE.